Laura Dee Milnes and Samuel Gough-Yates invited artists from UAL Camberwell BA Sculpture to experiment with peer-to-peer learning, knowledge sharing, and collaborative practices in a two-part workshop.


Session one: Drawing on their respective backgrounds in performance and graffiti, Dee Milnes and Gough-Yates created how-to workshop manuals which they swapped so as to run workshops outside their area of expertise.

Session two: Led by Camberwell students who worked in teams to run workshops with the rest of the group, bookended with analysis and critique of the processes and outcomes of these mini-workshops.

Participants explore the radical potential of communal activities, collaboration, amateurism, non-hierarchical learning, participatory art, freedom through anonymity, and the dissolution of individual identity in order to achieve collective strength. 

How To… (2018)
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